Ancaster High School

Welcome to the Ancaster High School Grade Nine Mathematics Wikispace.

The moderators of the space are Mr. Hendriks, Mr. Rancourt and Mr. T. Page.

The main purpose of this Wiki is to have our students contribute their understanding of "Twenty Six" Grade Nine mathematics topics. This information will be used as a resource for study purposes for Assessments and Evaluations in the course.

This project will be evaluated using a rubric for Application, Communication and Inquiry. It will be counted as an assignment.

The following are a list of topics that will be covered in the Wiki:

(1) Central Tendency
(2) Composite Figures
(3) Quadrilaterals
(4) Polynomials #1
(5) Polynomials #2
(6) Number Sets
(7) Triangles
(8) 3-D Shapes - Prisms
(9) 3-D Shapes - Round
(10) Statistics #1
(11) Statistics #2
(12) Polygons
(13) Forms of Straight Line
(14) Angles
(15) Exponents
(17) Word Problems
(18) Geometry
(19) Optimal Values
(20) Number Sense
(21) Factoring
(22)Rational Number Operations
(23) Slope - Rate of Change
(24) Parallel and Perpendicular
(25) Linear and Non-Linear
(26) Direct and Partial Variation
(27)Linear Relations