This page is a list of the rules for the WikiMath page. Consequences will be enforced based on the Royal Review.

(1) No cyber-bullying will be tolerated

  • All matters will be dealt with by your teacher and administration

(2) No profanity will be tolerated

  • While only our school can edit pages, everyone with the internet can view them

(3) Careful what you edit

  • Your teachers can track the history of the website (what was written, what was deleted, who did it and when)
  • Do not edit the Citation, Rubric or Rules pages
  • You can only edit the home page to add links to your page
  • Do not edit pages that do not belong to your group. It is the responsibility of a group to link to other pages and not the other way around. (ex. Do not go on the polynomial group's page and link to your factoring page)

(4) Citations

  • You must cite all information that you get from out side sources
  • For more information see the Citation page

(5) Be a Team Player

  • Work as a group. Do not delete everything another group member has written. Simply elaborate on their ideas or introduce new ideas to help further your topic.